About This Campaign

CAIR Michigan LogoWhy?

On the tragic day of 9/11 our nation was shaken to its core. As Americans we banded together to do our part to help relieve the suffering of those at ground zero, the families who lost love ones, and the nation as a whole which was traumatized by that horrific event.

American Muslims too were a part of that effort to re-strengthen the fabric of our society after that tragic day and were on the front lines in saving lives at Ground Zero and contributing back to society to restore the collective strength and psyche of our nation.

The Remembering Through Service campaign is an initiative launched by CAIR-MI to tell the stories of American Muslims who have given back to our country in many diverse ways following the ten year anniversary of that tragic day of 9/11.

Ten years after 9/11 it still goes unnoticed that American Muslims were victims of 9/11 as well as first responders. This campaign would like to shed light on the unity of all Americans and how we all came together regardless, of race or religion to positively contribute to our society to help heal the deep wound caused by 9/11.

What’s the Goal of This Campaign?

The Remembering Through Service campaign is intended to encourage unity, decrease polarity, and to highlight the contributions of American Muslims as productive patriotic citizens who make enormous contributions to our society. American Muslims embrace diversity and have been a part of America for well over 200 years.

As united Americans we all should work to change the vitriolic narrative of hate and intolerance that has become prevalent in discourse regarding Islam and Muslims in America. Working with people of all faiths, our coalition partners, and Muslim organizations, CAIR-MI aims to help dispel stereotypes and misinformation in order to show the true face of American Muslims. It is our sincere hope that this initiative will encourage more peace and increased unity among all Americans. Visit CAIR-MI at www.cairmichigan.org.

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